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We have been doing business for over 29 years!

James Yeager Homebuilders Inc. are proud to be celebrating their 29th year in business! Starting small and purposely remaining that way, is just one of the attractive qualities they are known for. James and Julie have been a team from the beginning, starting their married lives together over 29 years ago. They have raised three children while building their business from scratch. Together they bring a culmination of talents for a truly unique building experience. Based locally within the Akron and Cleveland suburbs James Yeager Homebuilders creates about three custom homes per year. This allows Jim and Julie to be hands-on, while personally keeping your costs under control.

As opposed to a ”bigger is always better” philosophy, and stamping out mass quantity, “cookie cutter” homes, James Yeager  Homebuilders Inc aims at building a few homes a year. This model avoids the cost of employees, supervisors, sales people and the overhead burdening most home building companies.  The founder’s goal is to personally oversee each phase of work and concentrate on the most important aspect of the home building experience: the relationship with the customer.

Aside from the obvious accomplishment of constructing a building that will likely outlive us, we love the intangible benefits of working with people from all walks of life. Each time we build a new home we are improved and better rounded by seeing inside someone else’s world, at least for a while.

The Yeager’s goal is to personally oversee each phase of work and concentrate on the most important aspect of the homebuilding experience:  the relationship with the customer. Jim and Julie are still in love with their work and making new friends on every job, is a dream come true for the Yeagers.

Our mission is to share our passion about what we do, while listening to each of our customer’s wants and needs and to build their dream home within their budget. That’s why we want to remain small and involved in our work, to give our homeowners a personalized, hands-on building experience and a home they will love to live in.

Jim Yeager - President/CEO
James is a Renaissance man, a schooled draftsman who loves carpentry even more than drawing. He prefers to be at the job site leading each phase of the job and overseeing the entire project from start to finish. He builds every home as if it’s his own.
Julie Yeager - Vice President
Julie is the spacial design expert who can make your dreams come alive on paper. Whether it’s designing a home from scratch or improving a blueprint you may already love, her insightful ideas will compliment any design. She’s available throughout the building process to answer design or general building production questions.





As a mother of three adult children, Julie has personally lived through each phase a young family grows through. She understands the unique design demands a home requires at different stages during a family’s life. In designing many of our clients homes she has met an array of particular criteria and budgets. For example, a custom home designed for an empty-nester can highlight entirely different functions and amenities than a home intended for a growing family. She has also created a number of original designs that can “grow with” a family’s changing needs.

Frequently, homeowners hire architects to design their new home. But, often as the design blossoms, customers find that the cost is also growing. When this happens it’s common for the architect to divert and say “that’s not a question for me, that’s a question for your builder or contractor”. By designing and building with James Yeager Homebuilders, we can closely monitor your budget to ensure that we stay on target and that you are in control of your project.

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