We are proud of our work.




Read a few of our customer’s testimonials.

“As you know, we do work for a lot of home builders in Northeastern Ohio. We chose to go with you due to your attention to detail and job site organization. The home building process can be taxing, but we never doubted the quality or your effort and the quality of the work we received from the various trades under your management during our build. Your ability to show us 3D renderings, were invaluable in making educated decisions. As a father to a 15 year old, I consistently try to teach him the difference between the “Right Decision” and the “Easy Decision” When building a home, there are many times where this same dilemma is present. We value your expertise and foresight in helping us make the “Right Decisions”. While it may have not been the Fastest, they were the Right Decisions.”
Patrick Williams, President, WCCV Flooring, Bath Ohio home completed November 2016,


“Dear Jim and Julie, We are finally feeling settled into our new home. We can’t thank you enough for your dedication to making our dream home come true.  From the time we interviewed you and Julie, we sensed your commitment to producing a sound product.  Julie’s design skills helped us visualize what we initially had on paper and her suggested changes couldn’t have been more “right on”. The professionalism and quality of all of the sub-contractors was very impressive. Each field of expertise was well represented by knowledgeable workers.  We enjoyed the different layers of building a home and the subs were always available to answer a question.  Many of the subs also commented that we chose the “right builder”. Jim, we would like to thank you for your patience with first time home builders and standing behind your product. We are impressed with your processes and knowledge you have amassed over the years. Your attention to detail and employing knowledgeable workers has ensured a great product that will last many many years to come. Without yours and Julie’s understanding of our vision we may well have ended up with something we did not want. Thank you again for all you have done for us.”
Tammy and Joe, Hiram Ohio home completed August 2012,
How do we begin to thank you for such a beautiful new home. It’s everything we have ever dreamed of and more. From day one it has seemed like home. All of “yourselves” that you have put into it has made it so special. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
Dante and Cathy, Creekside Tallmadge Ohio 1990,
Not only did we get a beautiful home out of this whole experience, but have what we consider to be some very special friends.
Steve and Sue, Shadow Creek, Stow Ohio 1991,
Thanks for all the “extras” and the great job you are doing building our house. We are looking forward to moving into a home that we can be proud of. The quality has far exceeded our expectations
Rich and Kathy, Quail Highlands, Stow Ohio 1998,
James Yeager Homebuilder’s is Stows, best kept secret
Patti M, Eastwicke Farms, Stow Ohio 1994,
We love our new home. It is so warm and cozy. We are so forntunate to have it. Thanks for building us a wonderful home.
Steve and Julie, Heritage Woods, Copley Ohio 2002,
We just wanted you to know how much we appreciated your hard work and dedication to our deadline. Thank you for working with us, we will leave you alone now!!! he,he
Lee and Sherri, Pambi Farms, Stow Ohio 2004,
There were so many little things about the homes construction that impressed me. You taught me a great deal about construction during our many discussions. Lots of these details are hidden from the naked eye and could easily have been skipped but every little detail that we discussed was fulfilled during construction. Your attention to detail results in a solid home and a feeling of security for me.
James Clason, Pambi Farms, Stow Ohio 2001,
Brian and I wanted to thank you for the beautiful home you have built for us. We are settled and it is begining to feel like home. As you know we wanted a house for entertaining and it has been perfect! The island has been really great and we find that we do spend all our time in the kitchen. Your time, attention to detail and caring has made this house what it is.
Brian and Lynn, Pebblehurst, Stow Ohio 2002,
“we wanted a “Yeager” home…because we have seen first hand that they age very well!”
David and Eva, Creekside Ridge, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 2006,
“I have never really been able to put in words how happy we are that you built our house. We get so many compliments about the quality in our house and I know as time goes by, the difference between a Yeager built home and one by a mass builder will be even more glaringly obvious. Also, as someone else said in your testimonials, never once was I worried about the building process because I knew you were looking out for us and treating our house like you were building your own. Thank you so much for that. If we ever decide to build again, you will be the only call we make”
Paul and Amy, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 2006,
First let us say that working with both of you was so enjoyable.  You are a wonderful team and we were impressed how well you work together and compliment each other
John and Renee, Creekside Ridge, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 2009,
To this day, I tell anyone and everyone thinking about building a new home to call Jim Yeager.
Jim and Barb, Aurora Ohio 2009-house built 1994,
After the foundation was poured, we decided that we did not want a walk out basement. Jim made me pay for 24 hours of truck time to fill the hole. Thank goodness he did. Ten years later there was a 100 year flood. The earthen dam kept the flood at bay quite nicely. 15 years later and I still remember Jim’s telephone number. A Realtor recently complimented the detail in our closets by asking who built this house? Last week I had bees flying into the corner of the french door overhang. When the exterminator began removing the soffit he commented that the siding was nailed not stapled and the board behind the siding was wood not black board. He asked who built this house? We love our house.
Gene Briers, Hudson Ohio 2009- house built 1994,
Thank you for delivering a quality addition that matches my home, in the time promised.
M. Teri Lynch, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio 2007,
“We just wanted to say thank you again for the great job on our concrete driveway. The workmanship is superior.  The finishes, the edged details, double sloped grade are outstanding. Our neighbors are raving about it, and all visitors are quick to admire it. Feel free to use our driveway as a reference.  And thank you for using the gifts God has given you and your company to beautify our home.”
Ken and Jennifer Meybaum, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio June 2012,
Thank you for the friendly reminder to seal our new driveway.  Two weekends ago we power washed and sealed with a water based product from Euclid Chemicals called Euco – 40.  At first I thought something was wrong with the product because it was not soaking in and drying in the 4 hour time it was suppose to. I later learned that with extremely dense concrete this can easily happen as the driveway has less pores for the sealer to soak into. This only proved to me that the driveway we have is far superior to any other that someone else would have installed. The water actually beads up on the surface like on a car. It still looks great and we still get compliments all the time. Thank you again for a great driveway.
Ken and Jennifer Meybaum, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio June 2012,